Wednesday, April 4, 2012

SPY 138.55 - Half stop

Just a reminder to watch the 3/23 SPY swing low of 138.55, which is the official half stop. If we get down that low, the system will exit half the long position on the close today. That would also flip the system to unhealthy mode, which should result in more sell and/or short signals going forward.

For the record, like I mentioned yesterday I am buying today's dip.


  1. At what point of the day do you plan to buy into the dip or have you already bought in?

    Thank you.

    1. I bought in at what appears to be a decent price in the mid 59's, but what appears to be decent today could be quite ugly tomorrow. Time will tell.

    2. Yeah I see that lol. I was about to pull the trigger before the close today, but decided to wait and see what tomorrow brings which as of right now looks like a good move considering after hours trading for TNA is down .71%. Thank you for the reply!

  2. bounced off trend line going back to late nov (SPX) Hope this line stop is a little below it.