Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hold confirmed.

I would like to think a bounce is coming, but at this point who knows... I remain 50% invested in TNA. I'm trying to remain positive and focus on the bright side that at least the half-stop loss rules did their job and limited losses. We'll see ya back here tomorrow.

The CCI System is a screaming buy signal right now, but it's been on a buy for several days, so again... who knows...


  1. Thanks, J.

    Besides the CCI signal, there's a huge positive divergence via the MACD on the SPX 5 minute chart.

    But, like I've been saying, I'm sticking to J's system and to my trend following systems. The rest is purely to amuse myself.

  2. I like the "screaming" part of the CCI buy signal. Didn't know it was on "screaming" buy, but thanks for saying so. I love strong signals like that, so I am going to get in half here. Leave room for another drop, and add some below today's LOD.
    Today was the penalty for not doing the washout yesterday. Won't hold onto this long, though, as the mkt has moved to unhealthy.