Thursday, April 19, 2012

Hold confirmed. Remaining short...

310pm: There will be no signal change today. The system is indicating there should be more downside action over the next few trading days.

My health indicator lines are still positive, so again tomorrow we'll have to watch out for a green SPY candle and possibly getting half stopped out. See ya then...

958am: The key thing to watch out for today is a green SPY daily candle. If SPY does in fact close in positive territory, the system exits half the short position on the close. The other half will continue to ride for the time being...


  1. I don't think J will be around until later this afternoon, but does anyone think his numbers will be anywhere close to where they were yesterday?

    "System exits shorts and goes 100% long TNA only if SPY closes below 138.07."

  2. I'm here! I'm enjoying this. We just dropped below S3 (137.61) which MM's rarely allow, so this is quite pleasing. As for the number of the day, I'm not sure yet... I'll go fire up the laptop.

    1. My 2-cents. typically we'll see a ramp up into close (flat day) to confound the option traders. Tomorrow.. well I see they (fed pomo gang) are slated to sell from 5-8b of short term bonds and then scheduled to roll those (twist) next M-W into long term. I was short into today but have taken some off the table and may close more. I'm tempted to reshort at close but if they can rally hard into close, I expect a gap up which should be sold. Will be on side into Mon.

  3. Thanks for the comments. Best of luck to you.

  4. Just got a mac...what charting software do you all like...prefer one with backtesting ability. J what do you use?

  5. Jim,

    I use Multicharts. It's basically a Tradestation clone.

  6. You said that you have a Mac, didn't you? Sorry, but Multicharts only works on PCs.

  7. Sorry I've got nothing. Still working with PC's.

  8. You could run a virtual PC on your Mac.