Friday, July 30, 2010

TSP Trend System - Buy Signal - 7/30 - 11:30am

The uptrend that started a few sessions back has been confirmed by a bullish (green) bounce off the moving averages.  This is a buy signal. 

Time to go into stocks.  I'm doing 50% C, 50% S.  In the future, a sell signal would be generated 1 of 2 ways. A) By piercing the upper bollinger band, or B) If a downtrend commences - the ema's cross back down.  (That would be bad and would probably lead to a retest of the June low...)

The funny thing is this "buy" signal comes on the same date as the tidal system "sell" signal . (The next buy signal for that system falls on Aug 6).  We'll see which system is right.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TSP Trend System - Bullish Cross

As of yesterday, July 26th, we have started an uptrend as defined by the TSP trending system.  (The faster moving average has risen above the slower one.)

Technically, the system waits for a pullback to the 13MA (green) line before kicking off a buy signal, but like we saw in March 2010, that pullback may not come as these rallies have a tendency of leaving latecomers in the dust.

 <---March 2010

So, going 50% into C or S makes some sense right now, then waiting for a pullback to put the other 50 in.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Trend System Sell - 7/13/10

It's almost painful to sell this early into what is potentially a sizable rally shaping up.  But, I am following my system, which states when in a downtrending market (which we are certainly still in), one must be cautious and sell at the 34 EMA.   The next buy signal would come after another dip to the lower bollinger band.  Alternatively, if we continue to go up, the next signal would come after the trend lines turn positive.
7/7 - 7/13 gain in C Fund: +3.30%

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The TSP Trend System offers another buy signal today...

Well, I've deviated from my own system the past few months. I'm still 100% C at 1067, but here is what the system has been up to.

Here are the rules, as a reminder.

Uptrend market. (Green line above red.)

Buy on a bounce off the 34ema.
Sell either at the upper BB, or when trend lines cross down.

Downtrending market. Red below green. (Current market) 
Buy on 2nd green candle following a fall below the lower BB. Sell on a touch of the 34 EMA line.