Thursday, April 26, 2012

Email Test

Almost everyone should've received a confirmation email giving permission to forward you emails. If you didn't receive one, the request was blocked by your account. I will resubmit in a little bit and if it still doesn't work, I will contact you personally if I haven't already done so. No one should've received a test notification yet... only when I make a new post... which should be in the next 30 mins. (Currently 630pm ET)


Test. If this works, I will begin entering all your emails. You'll get a confirmation email asking to confirm. Once you confirm, these test posts will begin showing up in your inbox as well...hopefully. :)


  1. I got the confirmation request. So far so good.

  2. Good deal...I'll be sending out another test this evening. Feel free to respond whether or not you received. Thanks.

  3. Confirmation request received and completed.