Thursday, May 15, 2014

Selling UVXY

Just sold the turd known as UVXY today at 47 .   Gave it a few extra days which paid off some, but still taking a loss is never fun. Thanks!   Until next time....


Tuesday, May 6, 2014


Been super busy around here lately, pardon the absence.  Missed the Buy VXX signal a few days ago but that's worked in our favor as UVXY is now lower than the trigger price.  I just purchased a decent sized lot of UVXY at 52.40.   I'm setting a limit sell order for 55.00 targeting a ~5% gain.  I'll give it 5 days to get there otherwise I'll sell it next Tues 5/13 regardless.  Thanks and good luck with your trading!

Friday, March 21, 2014

NUGT buy signal

GDX fired a buy signal yesterday at the close and I missed it.  System would've bought NUGT yesterday, but it gapped up today and already hit it's 5% target.   System 1, J-Trader 0

Will wait to see what happens next.  If GDX continues down, I will buy some.  Thanks!

Friday, February 14, 2014


VXX55 system is buying UVXY on the close today.   5% gain would be in the 64 range, (current price @ ~61) which seems like a reasonably achievable target considering it was over 67 just yesterday.   Will load up the boat on the close and will buy more if it gaps down next week. 

Thanks and good luck to all - whatever you decide.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Short UVXY

First signal of year, finally!  VXX55 system is shorting UVXY on the close.  Target is a 5% drop.   Thx.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

JT Composite closed

The JT Composite has exited its short position, rounding out the year with a nice winner.   This will be the last update for that system.   I still may mention it once in awhile though. 

If you're interested, GDX StochRSI is pegged at 100 2 days in a row now.   If DUST is down again tomorrow, a buy signal will be triggered.  I'll update tomorrow if indeed that is the case. 

Thanks all!

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

VIX55 / GDX55

Greetings all,

Let me first explain why this has become such a sorry excuse for a webpage the last several months.  The year 2013 was one of great stress and overall busyness for me and my family.  I'll spare the details but I feel like I've barely been able to keep my head above water, let alone spend much time on here keeping things fresh.

Additionally, the JTS and CCI are sometimes difficult and tedious to track on a daily basis.  Thus, if I wanted to keep this going any longer something simpler would have to suffice.  I was messing around one day with the Stochastic RSI tool trying to capitalize on the large swings of DUST/NUGT.  It's not uncommon for them to move 10% a day.  Trying to hit the pivot is the tricky part though, obviously.  If you miss, you can get dinged hard and fast.  To keep things simple, and simple is what I need, I've honed in on entering a trade when the StochRSI has been pegged below 5 or above 95 for 3 straight days.  I've looked at many exit strategies such as simply selling after 5 days or waiting for StochRSI to reverse to a given level, but what I found worked best was holding for a 5% profit, which almost always occurred within 5 days.  Holding longer opens one up to more risk than I feel is acceptable considering how these 3x miners can move!

The system can obviously be made more complex incorporating other indicators such as CCI.  One particular strategy that works well is buying after only 1 or 2 consecutive 5 or 95 days (rather than 3) if the CCI has been respectively strong or weak in the 2 weeks leading up the signal triggering.   It's the old adage "buy the dip".   When things have just been meandering around though, buying too early can kill you which is why 3 days in general is a good number.  Further, if DUST/NUGT has been weak for 10 days or so and you aren't invested, you will most likely could make way more than 5%.   But for my purposes, to keep things simple I'm aiming for 5%.  If it fails to hit, I'll sell on the close on Day 5.   Trades are minimal - only about 1 per month.  But since this works equally as well for UVXY, we are up to about 2 trades per month on average.   Win rates are very good.  Average losses for trades that don't hit the magic 5% mark are usually manageable. I'll discuss this and more at a later date- this introductory email is already a bit too long.  Thanks and God bless! Happy new year!