Thursday, April 26, 2012

Email Notifications (Test)

There has been demand lately for email notifications whenever I make a new post. This makes sense as my twitter messages are generally reserved for the model signals around 350pm ET, but I will occasionally post pertinent information (both system related and non-system related) on the website much earlier in the trading day.

Up until yesterday, I was under the impression that I could auto-email a limited number of addresses (10 to be exact). With roughly 2000 hits a day, this allowance was a bit underwhelming. However, an astute reader suggested I set up a dedicated email address and use an "auto-forwarding" feature, thus allowing me to email an unlimited number of addresses.

I've gone through those steps and I'm ready to start accepting email addys. This post also serves as the first of probably many posts for testing purposes. Be prepared to see several more "test" posts. :) You can comment here with your email addy for now, but I assure you after several days this message will fall off the front page and I will likely forget about it. So please try to email me directly with your email address if you'd like email notifications. You can send it to jtrader21 at


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