Thursday, November 8, 2012

Unhealthy buy signal.

The JTS is giving an unhealthy buy signal.  The CCI system will remain long with a hold signal.  This places the JT Comp 100% long.   I will be adding to my XIV position on the close, taking my long position up to 75%.   Will save the rest in case the market continues to struggle.



  1. thx JT! Plenty of time to fine tune addl buy.

    Good luck to us on this one; it may be a beauty, from the amount of dread I'm feeling.

  2. J, I like it much better -- now that we got my 1380 target (and then some). I've got a good-sized load on here, ... about 60% invested. Keep adding on weakness, too. Shorting TZA as well. Hoping for a hugeass gap down open tomorrow on some BS news... oops, sorry, that's redundant.... all news is BS! roflmao..

    I liked the close today... nice. We're set for a bounce, but, again, we will take out these lows. We have not hit capitulation yet. They'll try hammering-in a bottom around here... but it won't hold, ultimately.

    This mkt rocks!.... so much better and more profitable than that crap we had the first 2/3rds of the year.

  3. What a wonderfully cooperative mkt... check out the futs this am. Wish it'd by like this all year 'round!

  4. J,
    Do you have any sense of how the signal will go for today?