Monday, November 12, 2012

All systems holding longs.

The JT Comp will continue to hold the 100% long XIV position.  I have been considering all afternoon whether I should lock in some XIV profits.  This seems like such a nice gift considering the market is barely up, or even down in some cases (small caps).   I've decided against taking profits here, because I've learned over the years that what feels right is usually wrong, and what feels wrong is usually right.  It feels right taking profits here, so I'm going to hold off for at least another day and see what happens.  Therefore, I'll remain 50% long XIV, 25% long AAPL (non-system trade) and 25% cash.

Take care!


  1. Damn accurate tweet by your 4yo daughter, J! She nailed the action today. Typical VD action.

  2. Hi J
    I opened a long position for TQQQ and SFLY today at closing. I think i am going to be very bullish soon maybe next week for NUGT as well, when i get in i will let you know.

  3. Interesting to observe the rationale behind this a highly profitable system. Its formulas, often favoring mean reversion, can sometimes be negated by intuition, doing the opposite of what feels right. So far today it's working. Amazing.

    1. Thanks. I wouldn't say in this case the formulas were negated by intuition. Rather I negated myself from straying from my system's signals yesterday, as much as I wanted far it has worked out.

  4. Yeah we are still positive but not by too much. We will see how the day ends.

  5. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEZE coming back