Friday, November 30, 2012

JTS covers... JT Comp back to 50% short.

Well that was short and sweet. (Actually, not that sweet..) The JT Comp 100% short signal is ending today just as soon as it started. The reason is the JTS is covering its short position today. It's going back to cash, but not going long. The CCI will hold out for more weakness before exiting. Thus, the JT Comp is moving back to 50% TZA and 50% cash position for the weekend. I too will scale back my shorts. I plan on putting together a weekend post featuring a strategy that only triggers on a 100% JT Composite position, and ignores 50% positions. It should be interesting - so heads up for that. Have a good one! J

Archiving Nov Signals...
Date JT CompositeXIV/TNAJ-TraderCCI
Oct 24 Half-Long XIV 15.93/56.55CashLong
Nov 1 Half-Short TNA 17.33/59.22HoldShort
Nov 2 Half-Short TNA HoldHold
Nov 5 Half-Long XIV 16.57/57.60HoldLong
Nov 6 Short TNA 17.14/58.79ShortShort
Nov 7 Half-Long XIV 15.80/54.47CoverLong
Nov 8 Long XIV 15.66/52.23LongHold
Nov 9 Long XIV HoldHold
Nov 12 Long XIV HoldHold
Nov 13 Long XIV HoldHold
Nov 14 Long XIV HoldHold
Nov 15 Long XIV HoldLong
Nov 16 Long XIV HoldHold
Nov 19 Cash18.08/51.82 SellSell
Nov 20 Half-Short TNA18.37/52.16HoldShort
Nov 21 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Nov 22 Closed Happy Turkey Day!
Nov 23 Half-Short TNAHalf-Day HoldHold
Nov 26 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Nov 27 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Nov 28 Half-Short TNAHoldShort
Nov 29 Short TNA19.58/58.11ShortHold
Nov 30 Half-Short TNA19.22/57.72CoverHold


  1. Thank you. Have a good weekend. The 100% JT Composite may be a good bet. I'm still looking for a pullback before the final run of the year.

  2. Awesome! I'm looking forward to your post!

  3. Thanks, J. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  4. I'm w/Michelle -- this thing is most likely still going lower... and all it needs is a tiny "shove"... then, ka-boom... the bottom falls out and we get a nice triple-digit down day... And I'd be looking for that "ledge" to be somewhere around 1409 Sp500... but not on some BS gap down open.

  5. JKH:
    Has your "shouldn't be short" signal been countered that you are interested in the short side here?

  6. No.

    Just seems like the right thing to do.