Thursday, November 1, 2012

CCI Short. JT Comp 50% short.

JTS is close to a short signal, but not quite.  It will remain cash.  CCI however will flip from long to short today.  This places the JT Comp 50% short TNA. 

As many of you know, CCI rules can be used on any stock or ETF.  It's comforting to see a solid buy signal today on TZA.

I'm moving to a 50% long TZA position while selling my XIV for a nice profit.  My cautious 25% position turned out to be the wrong move.  Remind me in the future when I'm feeling cautious to ignore my feelings. ;) 

If you followed the XIV trade, congrats!!!!  And good luck on the new short trade.  See you tomorrow.


  1. Took half my profits on the longs today. Will take the other half tomorrow... then start building shorts. Hoping for some premkt BS news that gaps the mkt up open 50+ pts. today was a nice move up, but I won't be surprised if we can exit above today's HOD, during tomorrow's session.

  2. I think you're right, yet again. I'm still banking on testing the SPX 50MA before we go down hard. That's still 7 points higher. If we hit that tomorrow, it should be more than enough to generate a JTS short signal and I will go all in TZA.

    Thanks, JKH.

  3. Yeah, YM has at least 50 to 150 more points to go to hit good resistance (depending how you draw it) and 140 pts to hit the MM target off the 60min A/S chart.

    1434 SP500 will be very key.

  4. Indeed, 1434 was very key....

  5. I bought another lot of TZA on the open. I'm 75% short now. I'm pleased by today's action...

  6. Nicely played. Have a great weekend.