Friday, August 3, 2012


CCI is definitely going short, no doubt about that. Still a small chance the JTS won't give a short signal. If SPY closes 138.94 or lower, JTS will only give a SELL signal (no short). If this unlikely scenario unfolds, the JT Comp will only go 50% short/50% cash. But if we close 138.95 or higher, JTS will go short as well, sending the Comp back into a 100% short position. Those are the only 2 options. Have a good weekend! It's my intention to post something interesting tomorrow or Sunday so heads up for that. Take it easy!


  1. 'Twas a nice ride up, and, as I said yesterday, I'm flippin' back short. Glad yer Comp system is joinin' me, J.

    As for the comments previously about long winning streaks followed by slip-ups, the idea of stopping the system is not as smart as simply scaling back % of your portfolio traded after a long series of winners. Not sure it will save you much in the long haul, but it certainly smooths out the ride.