Monday, August 13, 2012

JT Comp to cash...

The JTS will go long today. Meanwhile the CCI will remain short. This combo sends the Composite system to 100% cash. Happy Monday.


  1. Thx JT! The update hit the Twitter feed about 2min before the site... but there was adequate time from both to split exits btw 'immediate' and 'close', if one wanted to perform a simple tweak like that.

  2. Well I missed the trade because I was in processing my new base and by the time I got home after hours trading had closed. This flat trading days are a bit strange. I thought about selling mid-day, but told myself to wait for the signal. Maybe I should have sold...I guess we will see how tomorrow goes. TZA closed today at 17.53 and it just so happens that I bought in at 17.53 on August 8th lol.

  3. Interesting day... at first, covering more of my shorts this morning didn't seem like such a good play, but it was consistent w/my plan and they had TNA down so nicely... and then, wow, what a move in the afternoon! I still like the mkt short, but am leaving lots of room here. I am going to start rebuilding my short (slowly) if we take out today's HOD during tomorrow's trading. I figure if we get any reasonable up-move, J's composite will go back to short, and we'll get to do this all over again. Ideally, what I'd like to see is a bigass up day -- something that looks like the masses capitulated and got all juiced and heavily long. For now, too many of the masses are bearish for us to have a good retracement (of size).