Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Holding cash.

No changes today... the JTS will remain long, the CCI short, and the Composite in cash. I'm bearish biased, but that doesn't mean much. See ya tomorrow.


  1. JT, signal came in at 3:52 ET today, I know because I refreshed my screen and both the Twitter recap on the site, plus the site notification, came in at once. There's often a 5+ minute delay btw when you send (their stamp) and actual arrival. And as mentioned the other day, sometimes the Twitter recap (on the site) comes in before the actual text update. Very odd.

    Today the lag was closer to 7minutes. I don't understand these things...

  2. J, I'm w'you... short biased.... Did you see that nice H&S this morning in premkt on the YM A/S chart? Beauty. So, before the mkt even opened, you knew we were gonna sell today. TNA was awesome! Hard to get shorts on that puppy now (so you know it's time to drop) so I hadda go w/the futs and other products (like Long TZA)... And then intraday today, too, the NQ YM & ES all do yet another and w/a nice downsloping N/L, to boot! I'm turnin' up the heat on the shorts. I think we have a good shot at a drop now, having seen those patterns show up. If they fail to work, then the next one will. Now we just need some kinda exogenous event to trigger the cascade. W/this low volume, anything will do it.

  3. And here's a nice chart to support the bearish bias bet up here now: http://www.decisionpoint.com/TAC/KOSAR.html

  4. Daniel, just to clear things up. It's all manually done by me. Generally I post to the site here first, then tweet. But the other day, I tweeted first then posted here. Just to mix things up. :)

    Also, I notice the time stamp on my posts here are set for the time I begin the "new post" process. So there will always be a delay between the time stamp and the time the email is sent...and that delay is simply the amount of time it takes me to type the message I'm wanting to convey.

    JKH, nice chart. I believe it was you who stated the Composite will try to short again after a decent move up. Well, that appears to be unfolding today. The JTS is giving a strong short signal as of 1315 ET. Obviously that could change... Regardless, so not only are you able to predict market direction, you're also accurately predicting my system's signals days in advance. Scary stuff! :)

  5. Maybe it is a good idea to continue holding my TZA position that I bought at 17.53. It isn't down too much, but I'm worried as to where the market is heading.