Monday, August 27, 2012

Hold signals confirmed.

Nothing new today. All systems remain long. Thx.


  1. got it! So be it! And yet another down Monday..

  2. Not much happening in the mkts until Jackson Hole is over... just rebuilding my shorts on strength.... got a pretty good short re-entry on the Russell today off the open. Clearly, the Rut is the weakest sister, ideal for shorting. Longs should be done on the NDX (e.g., QLD or such) -- the strongest index, by far. Will keep adding (rebuilding) Rut shorts as we take out today's HOD next. Just one of those times where I'd rather be short than long.

  3. Currently @ 1pm ET I see a flashing warning sign. VIX is down while VXX is up. This usually (tho not always) leads to trouble in the short term.