Monday, August 6, 2012

Holding shorts.

All systems will remain short. CCI is giving another short signal. JTS is officially just a hold. I'll be adding to my TZA position. Thanks.


  1. Really great that you could post a daily signal as early as you did, JT, because the market sold off pretty steadily the last 20 minutes.

    Thx not only for the continual sharing of the model, but also for your concern to get it to those following as timely as possible, enabling late, intraday action.

    And yes, there IS the aftermarket, but some of us use these signals for general Portfolio guidance and some ETFs are not liquid in the aftermarket the way SPY or TNA might be...

  2. wonderful day today, adding to TNA shorts, and other general index shorts. Like that H&S pattern intraday today on the Dow. That babey should have more follow-through (after it consolidates). Nice selloff into the close. I'll short some more TNA if they push her back up to 53 (or higher) area.