Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sell confirmed

4:30pm: On Wed May 4, I mentioned a strong buy signal in which half of the winners gained 10% in 3-6 days. At the time I thought it was crazy to hope for 10% in a week. Here we are only on day 4 with almost a 9% gain! And judging by the strength today, the market probably isn't done going up. I won't be a part of it though due to the sell signal. It was interesting the late day strength caused us not to get a short signal. Anyway, just a third of the way through May, the system is up nearly 10% already. My fantasy target is 5% per month, which admittedly is very optimistic and probably unrealistic so anything above that is gravy. Today's gain puts the system over 25% gain for the year! The scary thing is I think this kind of performance can continue... Time will tell, but I'm excited. Have a good one!

3:30pm: We will get a sell signal today. No short signal, though. More upside is certainly possible, but the model sees too much risk on either side so heads to the sideline.

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