Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Stats and Signals

Stats for May are finalized since the system closed the long position. The short position opened will be counted in June stats.  May finished up 12.99%!  I like to see 5% a month, so to get double digits is a beautiful thing. The system is now up over 28% this year... (better than 5% a month)
8pm ET:  Oops regarding my guess this afternoon.  My system gave a short signal at the close.  I was 99% wrong earlier.  I will be closing my 100% long position and opening a 50% position in TZA, both on the open tomorrow! Sorry for the late notice.  If it gaps up, it works out in our favor though.  For stats, I'll just use the closing price from today.  See ya back here tomorrow.  

12:35pm: We're taking the kids to an amusement/water park for the rest of the day... too nice to be inside . I'm 99% certain the signal will be a hold.  Enjoy!
May signals for archiving purposes...
Apr 26Short 90.80
May 2Hold
May 3Cover 88.09
May 4Buy 84.58
May 5Hold
May 6Buy 84.68
May 9Hold
May 10Sell 91.64
May 11Buy 86.86
May 12Hold
May 13Buy 85.37
May 16Buy
May 17Hold
May 18Hold
May 19Hold
May 20Hold
May 23Hold
May 24Hold
May 25Hold
May 26Hold
May 27Hold
May 30Closed
May 31Short 88.90

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  1. Im looking at some numbers on my phone. It looks like we may have gotten a short signal. Gust a silly guess tho. Ill confirm when I get home...