Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hold confirmed.

4:15pm: Hold confirmed. 

3:45pm: Today will be another hold signal unless something crazy happens.

2:24pm: Assuming today's SPY high of 132.61 is not exceeded, an SPY close over 132.40 will likely generate a short signal. There are lots of moving parts though, so check back prior to the close for the official signal.  I'm hoping for a hold signal so we can attempt to make some more of our money back before switching signs.  We'll see.


  1. This is the beauty of a true short-swing timeframe system like yours. A devotee can go off to a religious retreat, as I did, check a computer screen once a day for EMail and to check the J-Model, and return to prayer. I sometimes daytrade, and prefer to swing trade; clearly there are ROI variables in Model design, and there are other variables.

    Thanks again for sharing this w us.


  2. Hope you enjoyed your retreat, Daniel. Looks like we made some money after all, too. Take care.