Friday, May 6, 2011

Buy #2 confirmed

4:15pm: 100% long with an average price of TNA 84.63... Next week, I'm thinking we'll see a multi-day rally to test the previous highs. Have a good weekend.

3:55pm: Looks like another strong buy signal today. The system is now 100% long.

2pm: Well... now I'm seeing a buy signal. :-D I'll just stop posting until a few minutes before the close, at which time I'll hopefully know the official signal. Check back around 3:55 or so.

1:05pm: The VIX is throwing my system for a loop. I'm back on a hold signal.

12:45pm: We have entered sell territory early this afternoon. Check back later for any updates.

11:52am: Excellent day - better than I had hoped. Today's signal is a hold...

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