Wednesday, May 18, 2011


4:45pm: A nice day for the bulls. The strong buy signal given Monday is now up 3.5% after 2 days.  Target is 10% in the 3-6 day timeframe which equates to TNA 89.72.  Let's see how it goes.  See ya tomorrow!

1:53pm: Back in my day trading days (I'm strictly a swing trader now), I used to read Bob English's Precision Report everyday.   I still usually check out his page and today he reminds us that it's common to have short term reversals mid-week of an op-ex week. This gels with my system which is sporting a hold signal today and hinting at more upside. Bob's initial target (and he is a market genius, seriously) is 1345 ES futures, which equates to about 1346.50 S&P cash index.

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