Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I am expecting a sizable rally to develop shortly.  For now though I'm keeping busy with other things in an attempt to forget how much I'm down. :)


  1. We understand the humorous context, but
    one ought never attempt to forget how much they are down; best to stare at it, blink, and then go on. The kind of system you are using, tho basically sound, WILL encounter environments where it just zigs while the market zags. All systems do. But the key is to always be alert to possible environmental changes.. and for that one must look closely at red days as well as green ones.. maybe even more so!

    Good luck to us, I am following your signals realtime with an appropriately sized and allocated portion of our risk capital. Adventure!


  2. Tone is understandable given the track record! I wouldnt be sweating it too hard either. I just started following and I find the on/off aspect of the signal refreshing. Every other market blogger throws so many studies at you and makes any kind of recommendation so obtuse and equivocal as to become almost useless. what i will try to do is use the signal as the basis for my trading and make sure its supported by come other things Im looking at. In this particular case i didnt follow the first signal but did the second on friday. I then sold at the top on monday morning and then booked a profit. I then gave it all back trying to get long again, selling at a loss each time and then contrinuing to do that until I gave it all back (at least I'm not at a loss but i wasted alot of time). I finally went long partial position at the close today and now I'm flat. I am hoping following the signal in a more pure manner (supplemented by my own judgement based on other things I look at) will help me get away from this futility.

    I will say I am most appreciative that J-Trader takes the trouble to post his work .... the track record is very impressive!

  3. Thanks guys! Draw-downs can be painful but there is little I can do. True - my system is far from perfect, but I absolutely despise stop losses. And there was a time not too long ago where I could've been famous for selling right at bottoms. So admittedly, while I have been watching the market occasionally, I've been doing many other things around the house. My wife and kids have been gone the past several days, so I'm getting loads of work done...not to mention I busted out the guitar for the first time in about a decade. Bach'in it has been nice, but it ends today.