Monday, May 16, 2011

Strong Buy

4:45pm: All I can say is ouch.  On the bright side, the signal flipped to a buy at some point while I was gone...not just a buy, but a strong buy. It doesn't matter to me since I'm already long, but the good news is that there is now a ~40% chance of a 10% gain in the next 3-6 days, an 81% chance of a higher close in the next 3 days, and a 95% chance of a higher close in the next 2 weeks.  This will be the 22nd time in 3 years this has happened, the last time was earlier this month and the signal gained 9%.   Unfortunately, it's going to take about 6% to get the system back to break-even.  Let's see what happens. Good evening.

3:16pm: Not a great day, but not totally unexpected either. Hopefully the rest of the week will be kinder to the bulls. Today's signal is a hold.

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