Monday, December 31, 2012

Holding Longs.

All systems will remain long. Thanks and Happy New Year! See you Wednesday.

Dec signals... 2012 stats coming soon...
Date JT CompositeXIV/TNA or SPXLJ-TraderCCI
Nov 20 18.37/52.16Short
Nov 30 Half-Short TNA 19.22/57.72CoverHold
Dec 3 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 4 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 5 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 6 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 7 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 10 Half-Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 11 Short TNA19.61/60.58Short Hold
Dec 12 Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 13 Short TNAHoldHold
Dec 14 Long XIV 18.64/58.32LongLong
Dec 17 Half-Short SPXL 19.29/88.63Sell Short
Dec 18 Short SPXL20.01/91.53Short Short
Dec 19 Short SPXLHoldHold
Dec 20 Short SPXLHoldHold
Dec 21 Cash17.21/88.64HoldLong
Dec 24 Long XIV17.51/62.80LongHold
Dec 25 Closed Merry Christmas !!!
Dec 26 Long XIVHoldHold
Dec 27 Long XIVHoldHold
Dec 28 Long XIVLongHold
Dec 31 Long XIVHoldHold


  1. Awesome J. Thanks and have a good one!

  2. thanks and Happy New Year to you also

  3. Happy New Year J and everyone else.

  4. Happy New Year to you all as well!

  5. And Happy New Year from the Night Owl too. Thanks for sharing your system and insights with us.

  6. Now THAT was a great rocket-ride. They had the YM futs down solidly right after the open last night (6pm Sunday) and I got some more YM. Still own those. Up nearly 300 pts on those lots. what a friggin' gift. Easy tradin'. As I said, J, this is the the time to be IN the mkts. Wish you had stuck w/this one.

    I took off a smidge at the close today -- pure profit management after a "gift day". Will sell more on a gap up open Wednesday. We got room for more upside.

    1. Monday was awesome...sad to have missed it.

      Great year everybody! Looking forward to 2013 with you all!

  7. J,
    Tks again for sharing you time and system with us!

  8. "We got room for more upside".... nailed it!

    Took off some futs here in premkt... 443 pts profit/contract is enough for 2 days work and a nice way to start the year.... will keep scalin' out into strength.

  9. "Happy New Year J and everyone else." Nailed it too.

  10. Wow, another belated Christmas present today. Thanks again all!

    Just fired up the systems. JTS will continue to hold longs, the CCI will go short, so the JT Comp will move back to all cash.

    Can't argue with that. After the past 2 huge up days, taking profits would be the prudent thing to do.

  11. Will go cash at the close or would you sell now to lock in gains? Thanks!

  12. The system explicitly waits until the close, but obviously it's personal preference how you want to play it. I probably would've sold in the morning...