Thursday, December 27, 2012

All systems holding long...

The CCI, JTS, and JT Comp all remain 100% long. The JTS remains in healthy mode and not stopped out. The charts I used to figure the stop level didn't factor in the ex-dividend action earlier this month. Stockcharts has it right. Will update it soon. Thanks!


  1. Some turnaround today.

    Thanks, J.

  2. "TWITCHY" lives!... wow, what a rockin' great day!... Definitely not a day to be sitting out. This mkt is rockin' and you should be in playin' this.

    Dumped the last of my longs today when we were -100 ... and added more longs from there on down... still not as long as I'd like to be, so will add more on weakness. Happy w/what I got for now, though, and took a good bite out of this latest downturn. Hoping for a big gap down open tomorrow. Will keep adding longs on weakness -- esp a gap down open about -50 pts YM.

    1. Whoops... minor typo there.... "Dumped the last of my longs today when we were -100" ..obviously that should have read "Dumped the last of my SHORTS today when we were -100"... not longs.... Sorry 'bout that.

    2. I think we all followed ya. BTW, keep posting please. I will get my trading fix vicariously through you and your trades. :)

  3. JKH,you're getting your wish of a gap down. And, XIV has closed below its daily BB for four days in a row.