Monday, December 17, 2012

Correction: JTS Sells & JT Comp goes 50% Short

Correction, the JTS will sell the long position now.  (That's what I get for trying to send out the signal early.)

With the JTS headed back to cash and the CCI system shorting today, this places the JT Composite into a 50% short position.   This reinforces my move to cash.  I'm not shorting today.

Further, since small caps outperform from mid-Dec thru Jan, I forgot to mention I will not be shorting with TNA/TZA anymore until February.  My ETF's to play the short side will be shorting SPXL or buying SPXU.  Just my personal choice...

Again, I'm not shorting today....just headed to cash.   Thanks!


  1. Thank you.

    Good to see that the "All in/out" JT Comp had such a promising first day of official trading. Those statistics you shared certainly look promising.

  2. Love the way they got the futs up here...Just put on some YM shorts. So I'm w/ya, J... but will be taking off partials on this as soon as we move back to today's close. Then trailin' stops.

    If the bears wanna get any traction here, they need to push SP500 back down to the breakout point today (which was 1417 area, based on the 12/14 intraday resistance).

  3. I'm beginning to like the All-In model more and more. It's not participating in this move today, but at least it's not short.

  4. Overbought but no sell signal here.

  5. What sell signal? For your post to be meaningful, you need to specify the logic that would or would not generate a sell signal.