Friday, December 7, 2012

Holding during this snoozefest.

All systems continue to produce hold signals. For 7 days in a row, the closing price range for TNA has been an amazing (or perhaps amazingly boring) 53 cents. Has that ever happened before? This is probably the calm before the storm. A big move may be coming, but beats me what way it will be. I hope it's down, then up. Seasonality might support something like that as it's relatively weak the next 5-7 trading days before turning exceptionally strong around the holiday. Have a great weekend! J


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  2. Yup... December Doldrums... at its best. Sounding like a broken record here.. sorry.... but it's true... and this is very typical.

    Things will get better in 2013, but this mkt is basically "done" for 2012 swing trading. I'd expect maybe one more move, but it'll most likely be a one-day-wonder, w/zippo followthrough.

    Better to Daytrade December -- it's been great for that.... or go spend your bootie on presents and come back 1/3/2013... The action in January will be better.

  3. I had taken a long position for TZA as i mentioned on my early post but due to weakness i closed it for a very small profit like 0.42 cents. What makes me scare on TZA it,s just so close to $15.00 range and if it closes below $15.00 no joke you would see TZA on the floor at 14.11 OR September,s low I wouldn,t say it will go down necessarily but just keep an eye
    SO Yesterday at the opening I did NOT miss short set up FOR tna and went short for TNA for first section and then closed it for a nice profit . But i have to admit yesterday,s closing TNA daily charts uptrend forming we will know that next week and i think uptrend will be ending by next Friday.
    Have good weekend for everyone

  4. Should get a nice (little) slide going today or tomorrow... Will take profits on my shorts into any good down day(s)...

  5. Another neutral to up day.

    J, have any thoughts on a possible signal this afternoon?