Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Hold signals.

All systems will remain long. I'm done trading for the year. Going to take a break until sometime in January. I closed my positions this morning for a small loss. This is not because I have no confidence in this long signal, it's just time for my annual trading vacation. I will continue to post signals daily as if I'm still trading. Thanks!


  1. appreciate your trading vacation and also appreciate continuing the daily signals for us.

  2. Enjoy your vacation, J, and thanks for continuing to post signals during it.

    FWIW, XIV closed below its daily BB for the third day in a row. That usually means some kind of bounce.

  3. J, sorry to hear yer stepping off the boat here, but I understand your reasoning.

    To me, this mkt is twitchy... and whenever it's like this, I'm in tradin' it. It's a bit of a crap shoot here (esp since we are lacking the washout to make this long truly low risk), so I am not leveraged hard either way.

    Today's action was quite good to lower yer cost bases, which I did for my longs where I could. I covered some more TNA shorts (nice weakness in Rut today). Stops are pushed lower on FAS.

    Give me a nice gap down open tomorrow and I'll be moving harder to the long side, covering the last of my shorts.