Thursday, July 7, 2011

Short confirmed.

3:55pm: Short is confirmed.

Heads up - the system is trying to go short again.  At least we were able to sidestep the launch from the jobs report this morning.


  1. Are you planning in the future to keep your tweets or will you delete your previous tweets like you are now? Just curious for historical reasons.

    Thanks !!

  2. J-Trader, can we who are following this system in realtime ask that you please continue to post the daily signal HERE, as well as on Twitter? Since there may sometimes be narrow windows to receive the signal and act on it, and since sometimes all one gets from Twitter is a sheepish-looking Whale w little birdy-balloons and some message regarding insufficient capacity... some redundancy of signal-placement might not be a bad backup system. If one location is down, the other probably wont be.

    We understand that the Twitter signal is easier for you, and intended to make your life easier; so you could make it clear to blog readers that THERE is the place to go, and HERE is just the courtesy backup... that way your goal of more convenient signal-placement need not be diverted... and if once in a while the blog does not get the signal before close, and Twitter is down, well then, so be it. Once in a blue moon is my guess how often that would happen.

    However, when working with narrow time-windows, and much at stake, redundancy is never a bad thing.

  3. Something else to consider is a mail list. That way anyone can sign up to follow, and all you have to do is send an email (which I think you do to your co-workers already).

    Just a thought :D

  4. Oh, yeah. After being short in yesterday's market, I bought more SPXU at the end of the day.
    It paid off as the market tanked this morning on bad employment numbers and I was able to turn a 3.5% loss into a 1% gain when I moved my stop up to 14.85 after it hit 15 so I can keep gains. 15 mins later it dropped and I stopped out with my 1% gain !!! :D

    So, I am considering a long on a chinese mid-cap (YOKU) as a swing trade as it has been showing strength. I am waiting for a good swing low to buy in today.

    I will be gone for the next week, with limited or no internet (or time), so good luck with your signals and I will check back when I return.


  5. Some good questions and comments. I'll try to answer everything here briefly.

    1) I have to delete my last tweet b/c on this page if I don't, it will show 2 of them and it's confusing looking.

    2) Yes, I agree. I'll do my best to update both pages in a timely fashion.

    3) I don't email anything. Sometimes there is a major lag with emails. That's why I liked the twitter idea though, b/c it is instantaneous.

    4) Glad u made it out with a gain. Enjoy the time away!