Friday, July 8, 2011

Hold confirmed

3:47pm: Hold signal is confirmed. Holding 50% short position over the weekend. 

3:27pm: Another close one today!  It's either gonna be a hold or cover signal. No other options at this point.  Could come down to the last couple minutes, so be ready to buy to cover if you're following along.

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  1. btw, I previously mentioned that I tracked a 1X per day Mutual Fund Timing Model run by a Service for many years, and it was one of the best such models out there. I only stopped using it bcs Fidelity MF family changed their restrictions.

    Its inventor maintained that having alot of "one run games decided in the 9th inning" was actually a hallmark of, and a vital indicator of the tracking accuracy of, this type of Swing System.

    So please NEVER an apology for your model having this key feature.

    He slides, he’s OUT at home plate!

    3:58pm, mop your brow, now comes weekend time.