Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Hold confirmed.

4: 03pm: Missed a buy signal.  2 days in a row, missed by pennies....

3:54pm:  Buy if SPY closes at or below 131.80.

3:48pm: This afternoon selling has the system chewing on a possible buy signal.  Will update in a few mins...

12:57pm: No buy or short signals in sight today...  And with today being a big up day with no short signal, odds favor more upside in the days that follow.  I will remain parked in cash though.


  1. And then the afternoon comes and the VIX goes crazy. LOL

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  3. Thanks Daniel, yeah these nail biters historically have been uncommon. It wasn't until I signed up for twitter that it's been this close this consistently. Figures... :) I was very close to pulling the trigger, but the bid never got below 131.81 the last 30 seconds. Looking at AH action, it's down pretty good. Looks like another good signal shaping up, or missed signal as the case may be. Take it easy.

  4. Follow the QE3 bouncing ball.