Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Cover confirmed

4:10pm: With the cover signal, the system moves to the sidelines.  Performance this month has been stellar - up nearly 12%.   The yearly % gain has just exceeded 43% with this latest short trade. 

3:41pm: Had some technical issues yesterday and was lucky to get the signal out.  Everything is running smoothly today and we have a buy signal if SPY finishes at or above 131.83.   Anything below and we have a cover signal.  So, either way the short position will be closed.  All that is uncertain right now is if a 50% long position will be opened.  Watch SPY.


  1. Thanks for the updates on trades.
    Very impressive performance YTD and in July.
    Will be interested in your next trade going forward.

  2. J-trader, Look like the $VIX was heading significantly higher the last hour or so. Any thoughts with regards to that and your model?

  3. wow just look at the vix, thats some crazy last hour climb.

  4. The system will usually buy those VIX spikes when in a healthy market. I'm surprised we didn't get a buy signal. We were pretty close though.

    With the system out of the market, this is the point where I'll have to sit on my hands until another signal is produced. It could be @ 4pm, or it could be a week from now. Cover and/or sell signals can sometimes really test your patience as you're left with no open position.

  5. I humbly watch in awe.

    Who knows where the afternoon goes, but your call to get out last night looks pretty good this morning.