Friday, July 1, 2011

50% Short (+ June Trades)

11pm: For those following my system (and paying attention :) longs should've been sold and a 50% short position should've been opened.   I'll try to make a short weekend post along with updating system stats and such. Market is closed Monday so I'll see ya here Tuesday! 

3pm update: A $VIX close of 15.70 or higher generates a SHORT signal.  Otherwise, a hold signal is confirmed.   We're driving back home today so this is my last update until the weekend.  Watch the VIX.  Have a good one.

1:56pm: Another hold signal is on tap today.  This has been a great run.  I suppose my only gripe would be that I am 50% cash.

I'll look into getting a twitter account which would allow me to send out my signals live to anyone interested.  Thanks for the suggestion.

 If we see significant weakness before the close today, we could flip to a sell signal.  If we don't see weakness, no need to check back here... it will be a hold signal.

For archiving purposes...

May 31Short 88.90
Jun 1Buy 80.52
Jun 2Hold
Jun 3Hold
Jun 6Hold
Jun 7Hold
Jun 8Hold
Jun 9Hold
Jun 10Hold
Jun 13Hold
Jun 14Sell 72.43
Jun 15Buy 68.65
Jun 16Hold
Jun 17Hold
Jun 20Sell 71.06
Jun 21Short 75.75
Jun 22Hold
Jun 23Hold
Jun 24Buy 73.55
Jun 27Hold
Jun 28Hold
Jun 29Hold
Jun 30Hold


  1. Vix climbing now at 15.87??

  2. Wow, when I posted at 3pm the VIX was down around 15.3 and I figured there was little to no chance of it recovering back to 15.7. I wasn't even going to mention it but I did b/c I noticed it was creeping up slowly right before I shut down the laptop. This bearish move in the VIX along with several other indicators that my system uses suggests a pullback is imminent and thus produced a short signal. Longs should've been sold near the close followed immediately by an initiation of a 50% short position. Since I missed it, I'll have to do this Tuesday morning...