Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hold confirmed.

3:52pm:  Hold confirmed. The system expects more upside...

1:59pm: Well, it took some guts to go "all in" yesterday afternoon but it is paying off nicely! For today, unless something screwy happens this afternoon we are looking at a solid "hold" signal.  I will update if anything changes. There is a slight chance of a sell signal so check back later...


  1. Kinda wish I could have got in yesterday afternoon... oh well. I am going to move my IRA to TD Ameritrade where they have market trades from 8am to 8pm so I can take advantage of gains (or mitigate losses) in pre/after-market trading.

    So, should we sell and make gains today before 3pm (when the market will start selling off) or see if we get more gains tomorrow... hmmm

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  3. :) I always enjoy your comments, Daniel.

  4. Anytime you can make a call that close to the bottom whatever you are using is doing its job. System is working and all you have to do as Daniel says is hit the buy button. Nice Call and a Great Day. Thanks J-Trader!!

  5. "Hold confirmed. The system expects more upside..."
    Woohoo, I am all in and could use some more 'upside' :)

  6. Markets down at the open. I hope TNA closes near it's open or of course, higher. And I hope tomorrow is good. I don't really want to hold this over the week-end as I have been burned on that too many times.

    I guess I need to decide if I am going to follow your system exactly or let my emotions get the best of me?!?!?

    100% TNA (and a little in my brokerage account)

  7. Daniel, post more! You are eminently readable.

    J-Trader, your system has reduced the number of heart attacks per day I have been used to courtesy AAPL/BIDU/SWC. Any ideas if a similar system can be developed for individual stocks? Perhaps not is what my brain tells me and proffers some reasons that appear obvious. Still, I would ask.