Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hold confirmed

3:45pm: Hold signal confirmed.

1:20pm: No chance of a sell signal anymore. Not that I can see. Holding long and strong!

12:10pm: Not such a huge move anymore, at least not for TNA. Opening the door for a possible sell signal...

10:39am: I doubt we'll see a sell signal higher we'll go?!? I love days like today - when we're on the right side of a huge move.


  1. Fully agree with you.
    Great July so far!

  2. After watching your calls for a few weeks now, I am now a true believer. My hat's off to you. It's not just that your calls have been right, but that they've been right in technically challenging situations. Most impressive indeed.

    Thanks for making this freely available.

  3. Yup, sold some of my TNA in one account (small amount) at 86.00 at the spike, but now I just hope TNA goes up to 85.20-85.30 so I can meet my goal and get out...

    Now, I am just curious if the signal will be sell or short... :D

  4. Flip flop, flip flop. No sell signal today.

  5. hmmm, well I sold all my TNA at 85.55 so I am out. My fault, but then again, I follow 3 other systems too.

    And to be honest, recently the market has been beaten up by the news cycle and I am glad to be out right now until this whole debt ceiling issue is resolved...

    Back to day trading (aka scalping) :)

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  7. Hmm - I've heard this argument before. It's basically anti-technical and it goes like this: technicals are worthless because at any moment any market-rocking news could come out, like an earthquake in Japan, and there's no way to predict this.

    While that much is true, over the long haul TA works surprisingly well.

    Arguing about whether something is a "call" or a "move" or a "prediction", a "forecast" or whatever is pointless. You say today where the market will be tomorrow. I call that a call.

    Systems come and systems go. Right now, JT has the hot hand. You can't argue with results.

  8. True it wasn't my call, but it was my system's. Sounds like semantics to me.

    Anyway, looking forward I am extremely confident that we will go higher in the short term.

  9. One more thing I wanted to add. I believe my system is successful more times than not because it incorporates so many components including moving averages, OB/OS levels, sentiment, intramarket relationships/leadership, candlestick patterns, topping and bottoming processes, and some other various technicals.

    Although with July up about 20%, there has to be some luck involved, too. There is no way this kind of performance can continue, so please everyone keep your expectations in check! :)