Thursday, May 30, 2013

Hold signals.

All systems hold steady today.  JT Comp stays in cash.  Thanks!


  1. The dip buy yesterday and today worked well... hit some nice profit targets today... will lighten up more into strength.... then rebuy the dip... then sell strength... repeat....

  2. Re-starting my dip buy... YM 15206

  3. Yup, no fear, buy the dips...

    Good news is good for the market

    Bad news is good for the market


  4. Sooooooooo sick and tired of a hopeful market going down and then BAM, the 3pm buy program kicks in and dashes any hope of a down day (ok, so down further than our BUY PRICE) on the POMO rocks of despair...

    Selling everything and going long since there is no hope of this market ever having any meaningful correction. Hell, I bet the Fed bumps QE-Infinity up from the $85 billion they are doing now, just to increase the inflation rate to "spur" the economy... Too bad they are too stupid to know IT ISN'T WORKING !!!

    Have a great week-end!!