Friday, May 24, 2013

100% Cash

The JTS will remain short, but the CCI is flipping long today.  This is a neutral setup which places the JT Composite back to a cash position.  I'm going to deviate a little here.  Because the JTS is the superior system and it's remaining short - and considering the CCI is often a day early - I'm going to hold half of my short position over the long weekend. I will scale back to 50% TZA and 50% cash today and I'll reassess on Tuesday.  Enjoy the extended break.


  1. Nice buy program at the end of the day...

    I hope we have a good gap down on Tuesday so we can sell at a better price... then see where this manipulated POS market goes...

    Have a great week-end!!

  2. I held all of my TZA in hopes for a better sell price...I'm not ready to give up yet. :)

  3. Dow futs 131... nice start to the day.