Monday, May 13, 2013

Hold shorts...

Still nothing new.... All systems remain short.  I finally had some time to care for my neglected webpage.  Will get to the stats tomorrow.  Thanks all!


  1. RMI... as for your question yesterday about me being an investor.... you should know the answer to that... but, since you asked... I'm obviously not, and here's why.

    The reason I am not, is simple: I am able to beat the markets over the long haul. It doesn't take much to do that, frankly. The Sp500 is up a whopping 15% in the past THIRTEEN YEARS.... that's not 15% per year... that's 15% TOTAL... so, that is about 1.1% gain per year if you compound. Yes, Divies add a bit to that, but let's keep this simple.

    What blows my mind is how so many people (especially the so-called "pro's") have failed to beat that +1.1% return per year for the past 15 years....

  2. Correction: that last sentence should say "13" not "15"

  3. I believe they are comparing year to year, not a total from peak to peak (aka 0%) or to current (like you said 15%). I am probably wrong, but I am sure their returns get worse beyond 5 years because of the 2008 slaughter...

    The S&P was up about 13.4% last year... I made a lot of mistakes, but still made about 43%, I hope to improve that this year mainly with making fewer mistakes :-)

    I said what I said because you mentioned how successful B&H was. It really was tongue in cheek because you wouldn't be on this blog if you were B&H.

    Thanks for the insight JKH !!

  4. one year is too short to evaluate, RMI... this is a marathon, not a sprint. This is about long-term survival, more than anything. I recommend traders not get hung up on any particular year... but if you see 3 and 5 year returns overall lagging, then you got a problem. Glad yer doing well YoY... hope yer around 10 years from now. If you do 10%/year or more trading, yer likely going to outperform the Sp500 over the long haul, going forward... Let's check back in 2020, shall we?... LoL

  5. Ok, I have reached my 7% loss thresh-hold...

    Looking for an exit point.


    1. Oops, hit my stop at 32, so I am out with a 7% loss... Forgot about that stupid thing...

      Have fun all, I am going to go figure out how to not short a QE inflated market...

    2. Forgot about my UVXY... maybe hold that until the next signal since its price has been pretty steady...

  6. We saw this same movie recently. TZA has to bounce pretty soon (or not???). Now we'd like J-Trader to tell us what to do. Don't burden him. We need to know our own level of risk tolerance.

  7. Hey, why are UVXY and TNA moving in unison?? Does this signal a pending market reversal?

  8. Today=ouch.

    Just finished the stats. Will make a dedicated post here soon... With today's action, I'm approaching breakeven for the year. :-(