Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Hold shorts.

All systems remain short. Finally some action in our favor! I'll hold my short position.  Thanks!


  1. Here's to this not being a one day pull back...

    (nice topping tail at the all time high on VOLUME)

    Lets see how this goes tomorrow.

  2. Well, the dip buyers look to be making this another one day drop...

    I guess getting back to $34 on TZA just isn't going to happen, maybe selling now while I am not SO bad off is a good idea.

    Lets see where the signal goes today...

    1. Dip buyers did come back in force and we are likely to close the gap. With all the bulls out on the TV and on the web, I wouldn't be surprised to see an up day today...

      I say again, I should have sold at the open to minimize my losses on TZA. Volatility has been dropping since the open, so I guess traders are not worried about the 7% drop in Japan or more bad data out of China... oh, yeah, Big Ben will save us all!!

      If this small drop gets bought like it has all year, we are headed to more all-time highs. Then, when the market does actually correct, it won't be just a 10% drop...

      Ok, I feel better. Have a great day!!