Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Hold cash.

The JTS remains short while the CCI remains long.  This keeps the JT Comp in cash.  I will keep my losing 50% TZA position for now.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks, J.

    And, I was wondering why you appear to have changed your investment plan from the 100% system to just trading the JTS. If you have the time, I'd like to know the thought process behind this shift.

  2. Finally joined ya on this one, J. Hope the Nikkei shits. that'll take everything down hard.

  3. Futures looking good for us so far. Europe helped us out there

    1. Sure, but the 7am buyers came in and now we are heading back up... bounced off 1642.50

  4. I'll take of a smidge at teh open on a big gap down... got -70 YM right now... nice. Move stops to B/E+1 on remainder, just in case. Let the majority ride at least to close today. Will cover all on a saturation down close.

  5. Still too many dip buyers out there...

    No black swan event => no correction

  6. Looks like the dip buyers are going to be able to close the gap and might even make a try for a positive day.

    Completely amazing...


    Completely frustrating...

    Looks like 4 weeks of wasted time in the market (sitting in a 3x ETF which is insane for that long) and I will probably still take a loss... grrrrr

  7. Oh, and if we get anywhere near 164 on the SPY again, I am going to sell and sit on the sidelines. That has been support and bounced 3x now, so until that is taken out I believe we have seen the "correction."

    Bond have been taken out the woodshed and shot (point blank) and the equity markets are on full strength "Hopium."

    Stupid Sheeple...