Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Jts remains short, cci long. Ill keep small short going. Thx!


  1. No gap to speak of today, so I waited.... and waited... mkt just ground down slowly.... w/out any excitement... then, thank you, CSCO! Nice to get paid in a day on that short. Range still sux, though.

    Took off one third the latest short, and will trail the remainder. If we can gap down open sizeably tomorrow, I'll take off more.

    Bears need to flush 1680 Sp500 tomorrow w/gusto.

  2. The system had us in TZA from June 27 to Aug. 7, losing bigtime in the process. Now that we're in cash, TZA goes up 4.4%. The "I'll keep small short going" is strictly a personal gut call, despite the neutral system signal, a face-saving caveat, and not a signal produced by J-System.

  3. J nice move my system will close its tza position from 9th july 2013 entry price was 27.81 it,s going to cash with a small loss