Tuesday, August 20, 2013

CCI Sells. 50% Short TNA

CCI sells out of its long position as a cautionary move.  There still may be some upside follow through the next few days, but the CCI system is seeing too much risk to remain long. The JTS will stay short.  Thus the JT Composite moves to 50% short TNA.  I'm going to remain on the sidelines for now.

I didn't get all the system stats done as I had hoped, but did complete my personal stuff.  I experienced a large drawdown this summer.  In late June, I was sitting pretty at +13% for the year.  Now I'm down over 11%.  I'm a bit bummed but I know there is plenty of time to get it back, especially if volatility is going to pick up.  

I'll see ya tomorrow. All the best. J


  1. thanks, me too, going to rest for a day or two. nothing major will be missed

  2. J, mkt volatility is coming back... hope it lasts... but it always comes back, so, little to worry there. And this mkt is the toughest I've ever seen, fwiw.

    What I read mid-day today (and posted) was obviously noticed by others. Wow, that was a nice, controlled selloff into the close. Glad I took profits and raised stops. Controlled selling always bothers me.

    Right now, I could cast this mkt either way. But I'd rather play longs from lower.... like 1635-40 SPX rather than from here. So, I'm w/you, J... probably the smartest move here is to be sidelined (or lightly short).

    The conspiracy theory running in my head is that someone (big) knows something bad is going to happen (soon) to the mkts... We'll know sooner or later.