Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hold signals

JTS will remain short TNA while CCI holds its long position. That keeps the JT Comp and myself in cash. Chart looks like it wants to go down more, but end of Aug/early Sept seasonality is bullish. We'll see. Thx.


  1. just read a few quite negative (but no substance) posts on JKH's posts. I beg to differ. Actually, I found JKH's comments are quite enlightening. his comments weighted weighted heavily in my trading actions. If you do not understand JKH's message, you can just "ignore" him but you have no ground to bash him.

  2. I agree with YZ. JKH's comments are useful in further understanding the market's direction. I appreciate his postings.

  3. Tx Jim & YZ. Appreciate the kind words. Glad it's been helpful to you. Boards like this work best when people are posting ideas and trades -- I do my best to contribute. Nobody's perfect. I try to keep up w/any trades I post and say ahead of time what the general plan is. J's on-board w/it, too - he knows there's more than one way to trade his signals and I i know his trading's evolved over the past year or so that I've been here.

    On to better things:
    Today I added a little more on weakness. But I'm looking to take profits on any move over today's HOD. If we gap up open tomorrow, I'll protect my positions w/a stop and try to see if the mkts can move higher. This is a tricky play here, hence the caution. If I get caught wrong on this long, I'll sit on it and ride it out, finding the next buying op lower, and then try to exit on the next rally.

    The daily charts have some nasty H&S patterns on them and those have me thinking "be careful". At the same time, though, there's quite a bit of room for a counter-trend rally here. So, pick yer poison.

    CCI is still long, and that's been good in this mkt. Just be quick to take profits and leave room to add if wrong.

  4. Thanks to both J and JKH. The more comments on the market the better.