Monday, August 12, 2013

CCI buys. JT Comp goes back to cash.

JTS remains short but the cci goes long again after a short time on the sidelines. The jt comp heads back to cash with the opposing signals. Ill ditch a couple more shorts but not all. Thx.


  1. Thanks, J. If only the 100% signals are actionable, per instructions a couple months ago, the system's 100% cash signal has been in effect since Aug. 7, notwithstanding opposing signals from CCI and JT Comp since then. Thus, the 25% of my trading portfolio following the system went to cash a few minutes before market close on Aug. 7, selling TZA @ 25.46, for a loss of 18.9% since the June 27 short signal when TZA was bought @ 31.39. FWIW, during that period, my trading portfolio lost of 4.1%; while the remainder of my portfolio, mostly in mutual funds, has gained 5%, while the SP500 gained 4.7%. I'll probably continue following the next 100% signal with 25% of my trading portfolio.

  2. Ouch... need a 28.6% gain to get back to B/E on that portion... unless you feed it w/extra funds.

  3. Great, the system goes long at the exact top after covering short for over 30% loss, said before that when this crap system go long or back to cash, the marker will drop. no system better than this