Monday, August 19, 2013

Hold 100% Cash

JTS remains short. CCI is long. The JT Composite remains parked in cash. I exited the rest of my shorts near the close and headed back to cash. So I'm back to following JT Comp signals. I'll update stats this week. They are not so pretty anymore. Plenty of time to make up for it though. See you tomorrow.


  1. Same ole same ole for me... just adding more longs and got to take some B/E+1's on some shorts I still had lying around that were suckin' wind from on the way up... thank you, Mr Mkt.... Nothing like waiting to be right, rather than taking the loss.

    They're stretchin' that rubber band pretty tight here, J. Gonna be a ripper outta this when it comes. Hope to see you get long w/me on this, J. Always more fun to rip this thing together.

  2. Not getting greedy... starting to peel off profits on recent longs... and move up stops on remainder. This is just one big short squeeze today... those usually do not last.