Monday, April 15, 2013

Wow...100% Cash!

JTS remains short but the CCI is going long today.  This moves the JT Composite to a 100% cash position.  Fine by me, I'm headed there as well after a superb day.   Welcome back volatility....where've ya been?

Thanks and congrats to all shorts!



  1. Thanks J and congrats on a profitable trade!

  2. J, now THAT was fun.... patience paid off... and the RUT was definitely the best short candidate of all... wowza, what an under-perfomance! Lotta broken charts now.... gonna be a while before we go back and fill today's downside move -- looks like we did some nice failed upside breakouts... and those baby's last!

    1. Thx, yes I agree. Chart is damaged. Any bounce at this point is ripe for shorting. Would love to see another big down day tomorrow, then we'd be primed for that bounce. I suspect it'll be a range day though.

  3. I'm not expecting another down day tomorrow, not with the VIX having busted way over its upper BB on Monday. It generally comes right back down after pulling that one.

  4. BINGO...I'm w/Michele... statistically, to expect another down day today is betting against the odds. They blew a lot of VIX w/the big move... time to take some of that back.

  5. here you are J, short the rally