Tuesday, April 9, 2013

100% Short TNA

CCI is flipping to short to join the JTS. JT Comp moves to 100% short. I will be taking a 75% position in TZA, leaving some in cash just in case I'm early...

Thanks all!


  1. Took half a position with ya

  2. thanks, have a great evening

  3. J - I have enjoyed your work on this blog for sometime now, but never posted. Regarding the short, I had hoped that TNA would ramp into the close. As you noted a few days ago though, IWM has begun to diverge somewhat from SPY as of late. FWIW, I took a 20% position short via SOXS today as well. Thanks for all your work and good luck.

    1. Even though you've been here awhile, allow me to officially say welcome. I'm usually around here more often to at least participate in some of the commentary here, but have been outrageously busy lately. Hopefully things will slow down here soon. Thanks!

  4. Well, what a great day. Looks like I'll be using the rest of my cash on TZA.