Wednesday, April 3, 2013

100% Cash

Pardon the confusion on my part, the JT Comp which officially was at 50% short TNA the past few days is now moving back to 100% cash. The JTS is generating a long XIV signal today but the CCI system remains short TNA. Now the signals are opposing each other once again, which moves the JT Comp to all cash. I will remain sidelined as well. The JTS long signal has a tight half stop at SPY 153.59. Thanks!


  1. Personally, I'm tempted here to accumulate some TNA. B/c the CCI is based on SPY, it did not give a buy signal. However, if you apply the rules to IWM or TNA, it is a screaming buy and ripe for some mean reversion action. With the JTS firing off a buy signal, and a CCI buy signal wrt IWM, I'll be snatching up some TNA sooner than later.

  2. Volatility is kicking up. Good time to swing trade :)

    Thanks for your work here J, and good luck on your trades.

  3. That was a great day... and another day where the Rut is the weakest sister. Sweet.

    J, as per the chat from yesterday, you definitely need to automate your system. ... honestly, I'm surprised you haven't. All the arguments for it given by others are valid. You need the rigor and the ease of backtesting. I automate all my systems... dunno how people do w/out the rigor.

  4. Interesting to watch the U.S. and Canadian markets into the close. TSX has been hammered the last two days and is now -0.6 heading into the close. While the SPX is up +0.3 heading into the close. Odd! Best of the Stock Market: