Thursday, April 18, 2013

Unhealthy...and still 100% Cash

The JTS was on its way to generating a buy signal today which would've pushed the JT Comp all-in XIV.   But, because the SPY swing low of 4/5/13 was broken today, it now opens up the possibility of a significant decline in the short term.  I'm not sure what will happen, but going forward I'd be very cautious on the long side, at least until the model flips back to healthy mode.  Because the underlying market health has flipped to unhealthy today, the JTS will remain short...

The CCI (which is still leaning bullish intermediate term) will remain long.   The conflicting systems will keep me and the JT Composite on the sidelines.



  1. Interesting. Lots of good intermediate to long term systems are turning bearish. For example, Keybot has been bearish for a while now and Marco just turned bearish.

  2. J, any premonition for the signal today?



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