Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Healthy? Holding shorts...

I'm not sure what will happen in the last 15 minutes, but if SPY closes positive today, it flips the JTS back to healthy mode and by rule stops out half of the short position.  That rule was developed prior to the existence of the CCI and JT Composite.  I don't do stops anymore (there are none built into the JT Comp) but if someone was strictly following the JTS, the stop may be triggered on the close today.  Just FYI. 

Otherwise, all systems will remain short.  I will continue to hold my TZA.  Will not add any additional shares today.  Thanks!


  1. Thanks, J.

    I'm curious about how you'll count yesterday's signal for statistical purposes? Will you count the JTS Comp as short or in cash?

  2. I'll count the JTS as half stopped. JT Comp is not affected...still 100% short.

  3. Hi J my system closed it,s long position I am shorting at closing